The Drawing Room

Thr Drawing Room is host to our current projects, and current investment Deals.

Current Projects

We are currently aquiring new Properties.


Current Deals

Return On Investment Options:

1. Invest up to £15,000 for 1 year and receive a 6% return on your investment.
2. Invest £15,000 – £29,000 for 1 year and receive a 7% return on your investment.
3. Invest £30,000+ for 1 year and receive a 10% return on your investment.
4. Invest on a project by project basis and receive 10% pa pro rata return on your investment


Hosting is where one person – the host – takes on the responsibilty of the mortgage of a property on behalf of another – the investor. The host and investor enter into a legal agreement which holds the property in trust and the investor then covers the cost of the mortgage and other costs. Should the investor fail to meet the terms of the agreement, ownership of the property falls solely on the hosts, who can then chose what to do with it.

Typical agreements cover the six month period from the initial (discounted) purchase and mortgage to the subsequent re-mortgage (full value), and hosts can choose between a regular monthly payment or lump sum at the conclusion of the deal.

Deals can of course be tailored around the needs of both parties and will be backed with legal documentation operating under UK legislation. Please Contact us to see what we can do for you.

Completed Projects

16 Cemetery Road

Bought Sept ’14 as a refurb project destined for a Buy-to-Let.

Completed Oct ’15 and sucessfully Rented. See showcase for details

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